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April 2010

Variable displacement axial-piston pump for demanding mobile applications


Now the variable displacement axial-piston pump, type V30E-270 from HAWE Hydraulik SE, Munich, is suited to a broader range of demanding applications in mobile hydraulics. The redesigned housing extends the range of applications for this pump, for example concrete pumps, harbor cranes or large hydraulic excavators.

V30E-270 from HAWE Hydraulik SEA new feature is the mounting flange SAE E conforming the standard SAE J744. This version now comes as third mounting flange variant on top of the existing versions conforming DIN ISO 3019-2/SAE J744 D and SAE J744 E. The shaft versions were also extended by another spline shaft variant according to SAE J744. This way HAWE Hydraulik can offer its customers a wide variety of combination options for the drive shaft and mounting flange, each finely tuned to the specific application.

If the pump is used as tandem combination, i.e. two pumps of the type V30E-270, the load increases. The end housing for the first pump was therefore newly designed to ensure safe transmission of higher drive performances from the first to the second pump. The user can flexibly select the second pump, irrespective of whether he wants to deploy the combination in mobile or stationary applications. The combination with HAWE Hydraulik's variable displacement axial-piston pumps is ideal. Like all other pumps from the V30E series, the V30E-270 type can also be combined with the manufacturer's radial piston pumps, for example to generate a second high pressure level.

The V30E variable displacement axial-piston pump is designed as swash plate built. It is sturdy and generally suited for open circuits both in mobile as well as industrial hydraulics. The purpose-built followers, swash plate bearing and control plate provide the pump with longevity. The extensive controller program supports its many deployment options. The pump model also excels through its low noise level.

The V30E-270 has been designed for an operating pressure of up to 350 bar, with a peak pressure of 420 bar. The volume flow clocks up a maximum of 400 liters at 1.500 rpm, with a geometric displacement of 270 cm3/rev.

Combined with HAWE Hydraulik's proportional directional spool valves and electronic controls the pump easily extends into a fully-fledged and customized hydraulic system. The new nominal size 7 of the proportional directional spool valve is ideally suited for the tandem combination of two V30E-270 pumps. This new nominal size is also newly presented at bauma 2010.

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