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Specialising in hydraulics related applications, Koppen & Lethem has been able to develop solutions for the specification of hydraulic equipment and winch / hoist solutions, suiting an infinite range of operations and engineering design parameters. Koppen & Lethem applications engineers will design and specify the most appropriate solutions to perfectly match your overall design, operational parameters (working temperatures, pressures, media etc) and design budget.

In case of retrofit, a solution will be offered to ensure replacement is compatible with existing design and performance requirements. In addition to in-house quality testing, Koppen & Lethem is directly supported by our partner OEM’s research and development operations. Special application tasks can be rapidly resolved and effective hydraulic solutions

Quality, health, safety and environment

Quality, health, safety and environment are increasingly important in our business and have been crucial issues for Koppen & Lethem for many years. It is our ambition to be compliant to all client demands, quality standards and international health, safety, and environmental laws and legal requirements.

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