Durable, simple to mount, and virtually maintenance free operation-Firestone’s Marsh Mellow™ fabric & rubber springs are your solution to vibration and isolation problems.

Marsh Mellow springs are fabric reinforced rubber cylinders that do not require air. They will not break, trap particles, corrode or bottom-out, but will accommodate a wide load range and perform consistently.

Doedijns also partners up with Firestone when it comes to providing bellows. Bellows use a contained column of air inside an elastomeric bellow or sleeve to buffer cyclic motion, provide vibration isolation, or serve as a pneumatic actuator.

Finally Firestone offers a range of grippers, including the Firestone AirPicker™ and AirGripper™. These end-effectors can handle delicate objects with the soft touch of rubber and air, simply by controlling the amount of pressure within the bladder. Each of the AirPicker and AirGripper products can work with a wide range of diameters and piece weights, offering a low cost, durable solution for your pick and place application.


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