Hydraulic Fan Drive Systems

Koppen & Lethem are a leading supplier of Hydraulic Fan Drive Systems to the UK market supplying 1000’s of systems to application in Passenger service vehicles, Military vehicles, off highway plant equipment, agricultural equipment and specialist vehicles.

Koppen & Lethem offer a full range of technical solutions to the Hydraulic Fan Drive market from a simple hydraulic motor to a full hydraulics system with CAN bus control and electronic speed monitoring. Fan powers available from1 – 100kW, and continuous system pressures and speeds of up to 350 bar and 5000rpm.

Koppen & Lethem supply many 100’s of Hydraulic Fan Drive systems per year to large multinational vehicle builders and small domestic specialist vehicle builders. In our experience working closely with the customer is the key to designing a successful system. Koppen & Lethem have a very strong technical and commercial Fan Drive team working to achieve all of the customer expectations.

The technical targets that Koppen & Lethem aim to achieve for the customer is a flexible solution that fits with the vehicle requirements and offers the lowest possible energy usage whilst also offering reductions in the cost of maintenance and function as well as reduced noise and package size.

The introduction of European and US legislation regarding vehicle emission is making the cooling requirements of vehicles much more stringent, with the range of hydraulic and electronic components that are available along with the technical expertise Koppen & Lethem available we are more than able to match these requirements.

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