Radio remote components

Radio remote components

Scanreco’s system is built and designed for the toughest and most demanding of environments. Scanreco can hereby offer the market of crane and machine operators an extremely easy to use radio remote control retaining speed, precision, and control with the maximum of safety. Behind the development of the radio remote control systems lies the idea of providing products with a high degree of reliability, user-friendliness, and possessing good ergonomic features.

The product family includes different portable control units, hand-held transmitters, and receivers offering a variety of choice depending on the area of use. These products are based on a modular architecture, which makes them flexible to customize and adapt according to the customer’s needs.

The products – which are in high demand – are mainly mounted on cranes and mobile machines. Our customers are some of the world’s largest and most challenging crane and machinery manufacturers. Thousands of cranes and machines containing Scanreco’s radio remote control systems are in use worldwide. Our products are deployed everywhere, from truck cranes laying heating pipes in Stockholm to lifting oil pipelines in Russia and setting in place concrete sections in Singapore.

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